Due to the dynamic development of the Akces brand and a considerable interest in our products, we are searching for individuals and entrepreneurs interested in running Brand Shops. We offer and attractive franchise programme that minimises the risk related to the investment.

We invite you to collaborate with us; please contact us directly if you are interested.

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We collaborate at various special events, fairs, dance competitions and festivals. We have 7 independent representatives who can put up a branded stall at different places at the same time. In the course of cooperation at such events, we offer attractive benefit packages to the organisers.

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The Akces brand is not only limited to the domestic market. We are also dynamically developing sales abroad cooperating with a lot of partners worldwide. Our cooperation offer to foreign buyers is customised depending on the needs. Having a valid European Tax Identification Number, we carry out transactions with inter alia 0% VAT rate.


Are you interested in more Akces products? Do you run a dance group and search for homogeneous products with guaranteed attractive price? For this purpose we have prepared a separate form of cooperation. Apart from advantageous prices we offer additional benefits, including guaranteed delivery deadline, regular discounts, promotion of the group/team/institution within the Akces information channels.


Przemysław Łowicki

Professional dancer of Latin American dances. Multiple champion of Poland with great successes at the major competitions around the world. Nowadays, a referee and trainer.

Marcin Rosiński i Katarzyna Wdowicz

Titled “S” class dancers in Latin American and Standard style. Their biggest successes are:

  • IV place World Championships in 10 dances,
  • Champions of Poland in 10 dances,
  • Champions of the Mazowiecki Region in Standard style,
  • IV place UK Open in 10 dance.

Tomasz Smutnicki i Anna Niedbał

Couple is dancing together from 2016, they represent the Netherlands. Dancers with the highest “S” class. Tomasz and Anna are current WDC Masters of the Netherlands in standard style. They participate in the biggest competitions in Europe: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Ukraine and Poland of course.

Krzysztof i Jolanta Popa

“S” class couple dancing latin ballroom dance in “senior” categories.

The biggest achievement are:

  • World Champions in latin dance 2019 Dublin
  • Europe Champions in latin dance 2019 Blackpool
  • II vice-champions in standard dance 2019 Blackpool

Beyond aboval achievements Couple wins most important national championships and tournaments.

Jarosław Siekiera i Sara Janicka


Award winning dancer of the S international dance class.
Vice-Champions of Poland and winner of many competitions in Poland and abroad.



S class latin dancer, Champion of Show Dance LA Polish Championships 2016, Champion of Latin University Polish Championships 2018,  Finalist of YouCanDance 8th edition, Eurovision and World of Dance competitor.

Rafał Więckowski i Katarzyna Stępień

Dancers of the S class in Latin American dances. Multiple champions of the Opole Region, participants of the Polish Championships. Rafał and Katarzyna are finalists of the Grand Prix of Poland, representing the Opole region at contests abroad.